Vincenzo Lomonaco

Vincenzo Lomonaco

AI and Deep Learning PhD Student at University of Bologna


Vincenzo Lomonaco is a Deep Learning PhD student at the University of Bologna and founder of an non-profit research organization aiming at connecting people and reorganizing resources on the topic of Continual Learning and AI.

He is also the PhD students’ representative at the Department of Computer Science of Engineering (DISI) and teaching assistant of the courses “Machine Learning” and “Computer Architectures” in the same department. Previously, he was a Machine Learning software engineer at IDL in-line Devices and a Master Student at the University of Bologna where he graduated cum laude in 2015 with the dissertation “Deep Learning for Computer Vision: A comparison between CNNs and HTMs on object recognition tasks”.

His current research interests are (Deep) Continual Learning and related applications to Robotics, Biometrics, Security and Internet-Of-Things.”


Continual/Lifelong Leaning with Deep Architectures

Continual Learning (CL) is a fast emerging topic in AI concerning the ability to efficiently improve the performance of a deep model over time, dealing with a long (and possibly unlimited) sequence of data/tasks.

In this workshop, after a brief introduction of the subject, we’ll analyze different Continual Learning strategies and assess them on common Vision benchmarks. We’ll conclude the workshop with a look at possible real world application of CL.

Watch full video of the workshop.

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