Computer VISIONers Conference

October 6th

Kyiv, Ukraine



Computer VISIONers Conference is a hardcore conference for true computer vision engineers. The place where you discover newest trends, tools and best practices from leading experts in the field. Accelerate your knowledge with AI Booster!

Add to My Calendar 2018-10-06 09:00:00 2018-10-06 20:00:00 Europe/Kiev Gather Event Theme Computer VISIONers Conference is a hardcore conference for true computer vision engineers organize by AI Booster! The place where you discover newest trends, tools, and best practices from leading experts in the field. Accelerate your data science knowledge! Kyiv, Ukraine AI Booster


We want to surprise you, so the full agenda coming soon! Stay tuned!


Welcome Coffee

09:00 AM

Welcome Speech

09:30 AM

Image Segmentation: From space to cells with stop at the showroom

by Eugene Khvedchenya

What are the modest neural network architectures for binary, multiclass and instance segmentation? During the talk we will learn how to segment object from the background, find vehicles on satellite imagery and count nuclei cells on the radiology photography

10:00 AM

Visual Navigation in challenging environments using Deep Learning

by Pedro Porto Buarque de Gusmão

We will have a comprehensive overview on the previous state of the art and talk about deep learning approaches to visual odometry and SLAM in the context of firefighters (low visibility, smoke, etc).

11:00 AM

Items recognition for retail with one-shot learning

by Sergiy Koshel

We will see how to build a custom computer vision system from scratch and how to deal with the lack of training data.

12:00 AM

Workshop: Continual/Lifelong Leaning with Deep Architectures

by Vincenzo Lomonaco

Continual Learning (CL) is a fast emerging topic in AI concerning the ability to efficiently improve the performance of a deep model over time, dealing with a long (and possibly unlimited) sequence of data/tasks. In this workshop, after a brief introduction of the subject, we’ll analyze different Continual Learning strategies and assess them on common Vision benchmarks. We’ll conclude the workshop with a look at possible real world application of CL.

01:00 PM


02:30 PM

Workshop: Person classification in sports

by Bohdan Zhurakovskyi and Raid Arfua, language: ukr/rus

We will compare different clusterization models on images of soccer players, discuss which feature extraction techniques can be used for image preprocessing, and which metrics provide better clusterization results. We will see which neural networks is better to use for image embedding generation, and how to use those embeddings for player team clusterization and team incremental learning during the real football game.

03:30 PM

Multi-class object detection in the real world

by Oleksii Tsvietnov

We will discuss:
Datasets – size&quality, DataFactory
Creating project environment
Challenges in real data vs lab
Transition from RnD to Production

05:00 PM

Workshop: Data Augmentation with GANs

by Kyryl Truskovskyi, language: ukr/rus

We will discuss:

What are the generative adversarial networks?

What problems they can solve?

What is the good research project structure and how we do it in Neuromation?

We will do:

Train a small generative adversarial network

Train a simple classifier

Apply generative adversarial networks for a solving class imbalance problem

06:00 PM


08:00 PM


One great day!

Join us, to be in the center of computer vision community, to share experience and chat with professionals.

4 presentations

We’re honoured to have amazing experts including Pedro Porto Buarque de Gusmão, Postdoctoral Researcher, at University of Oxford.

Free food and drink!

Lunch included. Afterparty with beer and good people is waiting for you!

3 workshops

For the workshops you only need to bring your laptop. Computational resources will be provided.



Computer VISIONers Conference stands for the community. Only participants with technical expertise are allowed. Please, apply and we’ll send the invitation after we review your application. The number of participants is limited.



Level 6,

Pavla Tychyny Avenue, 1В,

Kyiv, Ukraine

Time: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM


+38099 557 03 70


If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly.


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