Roman StorchakPhD, CTO at DatAI

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at DatAI



CTO in DatAI. We are building a product that examines the behavior of visitors and store employees based on computer vision. In 2009 he defended his doctoral dissertation at Strasbourg University. After that, he built teams and processes in several high-end businesses. The last few years he worked in outsource data science teams and Ad tech.


CV application architectures (embedded, edge to cloud, cloud)
Most real world applications constrained by computational resources and execution time. It this talk we will talk about choice of architecture for your data science project or a product:
– Embedded computer vision,
– Edge to Cloud and
– Cloud CV.
We will discuss pros and cons of different implementations, autoscale, load balancing, etc. and will undergo a fast-forward process of creating a product with computer vision on board.


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